Joining in world of society~~~Missing my teenage moment..Instead,I will still carry on every moment that i have.


I never understand ur kindness

i born to be selfish i guess so i dont meant to change myself i dont need you to change neither ever wonder how i should do to make it better it's so tired we both know it i wonder i am the one compromise everythings i have my plan but it is gonna be replace you dont have eyes on us your eyes is everythings you wish to be superman that can be satisfy everybody but you forgot that you are not what is in your mind, i always wonder Dont forget that you are not gods that you can suit everyone needs And what u doing is hurting me If i don't get a seat in your dictionary please....be cruel on me!!!!!!!!!

Any difference?

They tend to take granted on us
Will it be differences if i give him one more
Everyone deserve a second chances
I think i giving out more than that
Wondering will they take it serious?
End of the day i choose to remain silent and watch the story

I just DON'T get it right!

You are correct
You are right
Ever since when
You turn to fly
I know i don't have a wing to catch you
Because i dont have right
You are belong to yourself
Yes,I always know!

I fight
because i hope us for a better right
I fight
because i know we have so much far to go

And You
Turn me down once and once
Broken me piece to piece

We couldn't be comparable
Your status was always be higher
Yes, u could build your wealth soonest
But it never confirm your forever eternity in future

Yes, you humiliated me with a tones that you might never knows!

Please away my KEPO JI, that i promised myself stay out of your Fxxxing business ever after!

We tend to learn
Stay out of trouble
Stay out of non beneficial business

Yes, finally now i learned!

LaTe LeTTer



I miss the moment i grow up with you
It been long long time ago
I learn a lot during those moment


You doing great
and this is my sincere wish

Past was past
It will be forever memory

I guess

U are turning new age soon
Wish you all the best

And be glade i'm doing great
I meet the right one

We should go on as ourself =)



End up everything will come to conflict stages
It challenge how is ur solving skills
Comparison exist ever since human being
However there is a must to compromise
I try,i behave....
Soonest i know the answer..i think i need to be silent
Yet...i'm still an outsider,
And i know it,
Do not remind me,i know i'm still far
Both side doesn't cure eventhough u disclose the answer
Tell me what you expect from me?
Is it because what i done was not enough to get the attention?


I need a empty space!!!Selfish!!!

Bye Bye Curl

Opps.....finally i renew myself with a straight hair style
Looks normal.....!!!#$$#$%#@#@$%